Rules for the use of the Laundry:

1. The lock that hangs must be marked with the department number on the reservation board.

a) If the washing time is not used within the 30 minutes provided, then others can use the established washing time.

b) The lock must be removed after the washing, also if the reserved time is not used.

c) It is not allowed to remove or change the locks of other.

d) There must be only 1 lock per departament.

2. The washing mashines have to be left ready for the next person who is going to wash clothes.

3. The laundry has to be washed/cleaned everytime it is used.

a) You have to dry/wash the remnants of soap/ detergents of the laundry mashines.

b) The lint from the drying machine has to be removed and thrown away.

4. Clothes should not be left in the laundry.

5. The clothes that you hang in the laundry have to be taken out at 09:00 o'clock the next day.

6. The laundry can be used until 08:00 p.m. from monday to friday. Can not be used after 5 p.m. on saturdays. Sundays and holidays the laundry is closed.

7. The children must be accompanied by an adult.

8. Remember that the laundry must always be closed and the light off when this is not in use.

9. The violation of these rules will be sanctioned with the closure of this Laundry.

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The Directive

Opprettet:  26.aug 2019